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Why affirmations?

At some time comes a point where you need to reach for help beyond yourself.

Sometimes it is out of exasperation. You have done all that you could, the situation is beyond you and only a miracle can resolve the situation.

If only :-

    • You Were Stronger
    • You Were Wiser
    • You Were Smarter
    • Conditions were different
    • You knew the right people

    • You had the the power to perform miracles

The answer to your “if onlys” is to experience the power of affirming!

When you Affirm something, are using the power of your words to bring into being that which you desire.

This is the part of Universal Law where you learn to ask for your supply.

When you Affirm you also give commands to yourself.

An affirmation could be described as part prayer, part expression of desire and part reinforcing your desire.

Affirmations form a bridge between the higher powers, your higher self, and physical manifestation.

I am going to make a distinction here between affirming and prayer because of preconditions of form and connotations placed on the act of praying by some religions.

However, to many people, the act of praying and saying affirmings is literally one and the same.

You are a vastly more powerful being than you give yourself credit for, and the source of your power begins with your thoughts.

Thoughts are a form of energy - they have a reality of their own.

Thoughts are in effect a substance which can be projected, and when given form by the spoken word they are focused into physical being.

Day to day, our thought processes are often quite random as our minds flip from one thought to the next.

Ideas come and go without a concerted direction, yet all the achievements of humankind were once just a thought in someone's mind.

The Meditation / Mind Power pages are so very important because they teach you how to control your thought power, instead of dissipating it.

Once your thoughts are under control - The use of affirmations is a discipline which focuses the power of your thoughts into a coherent beam.

The actual form of affirmation which you use is determined to a large extent by your own beliefs.

However, there are a number of elements which make up the structure of an affirmation.

These are:

    • Faith in yourself
    • Perfect way
    • Positive action
    • Gratitude
    • Positive expectancy
    • Deservedness/Desire
    • Clarity
    • Under Grace
    • Christ Within

Whilst not all affirmations contain all these elements, a powerful affirmation would contain most.

Faith in yourself:

    Faith in yourself means believing that the power you put into your affirming is going to draw to you the good for which your ask.

    This level of faith alone can represent a raising of your level of consciousness.

    It is realizing that you are important in the scheme of things.

    You can make a difference!

    Faith assumes its greatest importance when we realize that fear is the lack of faith!

    If you suffer from worry, anxiety, terror, fright, paranoia, horror, persecution complex or dread, then you had better get working on your faith - pronto!

Perfect Way:

    The term “Perfect Way” is asking that we be brought to our desires without infringing on anyone else's free will and that a situation be resolved to the good of all concerned.

    The gift of free will is the greatest endowment bestowed upon humankind by Divine Power, and so it is right that at all times we allow all others their free will to choose for themselves.

    Any affirming which is not to the good of all others is an infringement on their free will and will be ineffective.

    Always bring your good into being in a perfect way!

Positive action:

    This begins with affirming vocally. You can even shout it if you like. Put some emotion into it! (The more the better).

    Affirm regularly until you are sure it will come into effect.

    Writing out your affirmations also enhances the power of your effort.

    Act as if your desire has already come into being, and make whatever preparations you can for your new conditions.


    Feel gratitude toward the universe for the arrangements which are being made on your behalf from the instant of you uttering your affirmation.

    Always give thanks – for both the wonders which you already have, and those which are yet to come.

Positive expectancy:

    Because you have said the word, it shall come to pass!
    Take the power of expectancy you put into your affirming with you wherever you go!


    Visualize your self as being deserving of the help which you are affirming.

    Of course you deserve your desires, after all, aren't you becoming a partner with Divine Mind? - An insider!

    A feeling of deservedness overcomes limitations and restrictions which you may subconsciously be placing upon yourself. You are deserving! The fact that you have raised your awareness to the level of affirming is proof of your deservedness!

    Do you just want something to happen, or do you really, really desire it.

    Do you want it so intensely you can almost taste it?

    When your desire approaches the level of need - from the very core of your being - you're starting to get somewhere.

    When something won't happen and it's making you very angry - now we're getting down to desire!

    That's right, put some feeling into it!


    Be absolutely clear in what it is you are requesting from the universe!

    The wording of your affirmation must be absolutely specific.

    A good idea is to always write your affirmations out to clarify your meaning.

    The help which will be forthcoming is going to be absolutely what you asked for!

    ?It will not be what you meant, it will be literally what you asked!

    Be aware: you are making a request of a higher power of awareness, not another person, who has a similar reality as yourself.

    Your concept of time and space is vastly different from that of a power which transcends both space and time.

Under Grace:

    The term "Under Grace" means that you are asking to operate under divine guidance, to be freed from Karma - the law of cause and effect. "Grace" is in effect asking for divine intervention to release us from conditions we have created.

Christ Within:

    I use the term “Christ” in the literal sense as meaning “The Anointed One”, and identification of the divinity within each one of us and as representing the quintessence of love, light and power.

P.S If you are asking the universe for money, ask for outcomes. Money is a construct and limitation of man, not universal mind.

Affirmations come into effect in two ways. On one hand you are requesting divine intervention to bring about change, but change means that you must be willing to undergo change within yourself.

Remember, your attitude created the reality in which you now live, and by affirming you are asking to change that reality!

From a metaphysical point of view, the Divine Powers, God, Universal Intelligence, Universal Mind etc., according to your own perception, represent:- power, energy, love and healing. The concepts of evil, judgment, sin and guilt do not arise, being wholly man made concepts.

Even if you don't use these affirmations, please read the preamble in each section.

When you do affirm - say them out loud!

They don't have to be shouted, you can mumble them if you like, but the act of speaking the words gives them power.

The simplest example of affirming is for example, say you can't find your keys.

So you ask - out loud :

Keys where are you?

That is a simple request, and you will be amazed at how often it works - but it must be asked out loud and with feeling.

Cleansing Your Aura

The process of cleansing (compacting) your aura is one of clearing your body/mind/spiritual connection.

It goes like this :

  • Massage your third eye with the fingertips of your dominant hand whilst repeating the following affirmation :
    • In the name of (whatever you hold to be sacred) I cleanse my body and soul!

  • Place the fingertips of both hands on your third eye, no draw them over the top of your head and down to the back of your neck.
  • Shake your hands out vigorously as if shaking water off your hands.
  • Again run your fingertips from the third eye to the nape of your neck and shake,
  • Now pass the palms of your hands over your whole head starting at the temples, and again shake them out.
  • Thats it!

Feels refreshing and cleansing, doesn't it?

I perform this little ritual before performing any spiritual exercise.

I have grouped my affirmations into the following seven headings:-








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